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Former CEO of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seung Sung revealed to be returning to the label following his leave last July.

On a recent press release by Cube Entertainment, the label reveals:

“Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to relay the news of the return of Cube Entertainment CEO Hong Seung Sung to the company after his brief departure.

CEO Hong revealed his intent to leave the label this past July 22 through his Twitter account. However, he has decided once again to lend his strength to the development and growth of the company.

As the founding chairman of Cube Entertainment, he has bought success to the groups such as BEAST, 4Minute, as well as BTOB, CLC and the new group Pentagon. He has managed to establish Cube Entertainment as one of the flagship labels of the industry by continuously producing groups with full of potential.

We respect the competence and experience of CEO Hong, and we firmly believe that he would play different roles in bringing the ‘second growth’ of the label in the near future.

We will work harder to strive and produce better Kpop music, hallyu culture content and to contribute to the overall improvement of the hallyu culture.”

The label, Cube Entertainment, was co-founded on 2006 by Hong Seung Sung with Shin Jung Hwa. The label was then known as Playcube Inc. and was later changed to Cube Entertainment.

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