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FNC Entertainment has been revealed to be producing more dramas and variety shows.

On the recent press conference of the new web drama “Click Your Heart,” FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho shared the company’s future plans and his thoughts on the new web drama.

He reveals, “We have planned the web drama in order to show off the diverse charms of our rookie NEOZ SCHOOL members before their actual debut.”

Han Sung Ho then adds, “Since our company would officially start to produce drama and variety shows, we are also planning to try out dramas and variety shows which could be done through the internet. We would produce web dramas as well as regular broadcast dramas.”

He further explains, “We would be releasing more information soon. However, there are many writers and directors, who we have contracts with, which would prepare dramas for us around the latter half of the year. With regards to variety shows, in addition to the regular broadcast production, we would also be trying out ways to produce them through the internet.”

Meanwhile, the new web drama, “Click Your Heart” has released its first episode on March 18. It stars AOA member Mina and Ju Ho of NEOZ SCHOOL. The web dramas airs on Thursdays at 6 pm on Naver TV Cast and at 6 pm every Fridays at MBC Every 1 channel.

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