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MBC has recently announced the new couple Sungjae and Joy for ‘We Got Married’ and reveals their first broadcast date.

Following the announcement regarding the leave of the two current couples in the show, Henry and Yewon and Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, MBC has finally revealed a new couple for the variety show ‘We Got Married’.

The new couple is revealed to be BTOB member Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy.

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Sungjae has recently garnered a rising popularity after appearing in the drama “Who Are You – School 2015,” as the character Gong Taekwang. MBC reveals that this motivated them to cast Sungjae into the show. They also tell the fans to expect Sungjae to reveal his masculine side and as a caring husband in the show.

Sungjae who are you

Meanwhile, ‘We Got Married’ staffs casted Joy after she stands out from her group for her mysterious yet bubbly image. Red Velvet had a successful comeback as their song ‘Ice Cream Cake’ earned them their first trophy in many music shows for getting the top spot in the charts.

Joy is also revealed to be born in 1996, making her a year younger than Sungjae.

Red-Velvet Joy

The new couple Sungjae and Joy met for the first time last June 3 and it is revealed that the filming is taking place in Seoul.

The first meeting of Sungjae and Joy will be shown in the June 20 broadcast of the show.

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