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Fans have recently demanded a statement from boy group BTS after being accused of having misogynistic lyrics.

The BTS songs that are under fire for their questionable lyrics includes:

“Joke” – Rap Monster

“Yes, you’re the best woman, abuse of power.

So, fucking good at it, abusing power.

Ah, but thinking about it, you were never really powerful.

Let’s take off “power” and call you “dear.”  Gonorrhea.”

– Lyrics from here.


“Converse High” – BTS

“I like you but still don’t wear Converse Lows.”

– Lyrics from here.


“War of Hormones” – BTS

“Women are the best present.”

– Lyrics from here.


With regards to the issue, Big Hit Entertainment posts on their official fan café:

“We have known the controversy with regards to the misogynistic lyrics in BTS songs. After reviewing the lyrics, we found that they could be perceived as misogynistic, regardless of the intentions of the writer, and could be uncomfortable for some people.

We have also confirmed that some tweets by the members before their debut could be offensive to women.

Big Hit Entertainment, as well as the members of BTS, are apologetic to the fans who may have felt uncomfortable because of the lyrics or social network posts. We will take the criticisms and the points into consideration for future works.”

They also add, “We have learned that defining a woman’s position or value in the society from man’s point of view could be wrong. We feel responsible for not being careful with BTS’ contents and causing everyone to worry. We ask that you continue to watch over BTS , and if you would continue to point out our mistakes, we will continue to work hard and listen to the words of the fans and the society.”


What are your thoughts on this issue?