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Lee Hongki posted on his Instagram account on October 22:

“I’m going to explode soon. Are you doing your work properly, my family? You’re not doing anything right. Since I keep getting the same answer no matter who I talk to, I’m writing it here.” He also wrote, “The person said that I’ve changed. Those hurtful words are changing me now. These days, I feel like I’m acting the most like a human being than I ever have… Those words are changing me. The apologies about our mutual mistakes… For me, it’s expected and for you… I don’t have anything else to say… Today has been hurtful.” (translated by allkpop)

Which make fans skeptical on who and what is he referring to because this is not the first time that Hongki posted his frustration through SNS. May of this year he also posted on his twitter:

I feel like a large crisis is about to happen in my life.  It’ll probably become clear then which people trust me, those kinds of people.  I changed a lot, too, but I am positive that a lot of people changed with me during the eight years I’ve promoted [as a singer].  I’m getting sick of it.  I think I’ve only been looking at a dream that was too ideal.  Looking squarely at the reality, I find that I have been too stupid.


What are your thoughts? Do you think he is referring to his entertainment, FNC?