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EXO member Chanyeol explains his winning speech on his SNS account where he mentioned a particular scene with co-member Suho after taking home the Rookie Male Award for the group’s first web drama ‘EXO Next Door’ at the ‘2015 Korean Drama Awards’.

In his speech, Chanyeol describes the production, “Every scene seemed like a masterpiece.” He then continues, “However, there was a scene in which Suho falls over after he steps on a water bottle that I dropped. That scene was a delight and it still remains in my memory.”

It seems that viewers have raised some brows after hearing Chanyeol’s winning speech. To this, Chanyeol took to his Instagram account to explain what he meant.

He starts with his thoughts on his awards, “Today I received two awards. I think of the awards I have received today to mean that I should work harder since I represent the members, so I would show you a good image in the future. I would like to thank the EXO-L’s who always give me love and everyone else.”

He then explains, “Today when I mentioned Suho, he and I always laugh a lot when we watch that scene. I did not mean that it was delightful but it was the scene that I think of the most. I apologize to the people who must have been hurt by it.”

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Meanwhile, Chanyeol also won the Hallyu Hot Star Award along with Kim Soo Hyun for ‘The Producer.’


What are your thoughts on Chanyeol’s winning speech?