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Solo artist Eric Nam shares his thoughts about his “We Got Married” wife MAMAMOO’s Solar.

During an interview, Eric Nam reveals that things were awkward between them at first. He shares while laughing, “I called her ‘honey’ from time to time, and it made me cringe.”

He also reveals, “I just got comfortable when we were filming the last two or three episodes. I thought that Solar was a playful person. However, it surprised me when I found out that she was the complete opposite. I was very worried at the start since it felt like I was really signing a marriage contract.”

Eric Nam and Solar

Eric Nam also adds, “The staff of the program wanted us to get closer quicker. However, that does not match with our concept. My actual goal when marrying someone in real life is to love like friends even after marriage.”

The singer then goes to praise his virtual wife by saying that she is a good person. He also adds, “I want to maintain my friendship with her, like calling each other whenever something good or bad happens. After getting to know her, I realized that my personality matches well with hers. The wish that I told her when we were in Jeju Island became a hot topic. However, I really meant it when I said that I want to speak informally with her. I think that that would be the only way for us to become closer. Speaking informally is the key.”


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