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Former U-KISS member Dongho reveals why he lied about the premarital pregnancy of his non-celebrity wife.

Previously, Dongho denied accusations of a shotgun wedding. However, suspicions had raised once again when Dongho and his wife welcomed a baby boy shortly after their marriage.

On the recent broadcast of “Radio Star,” he appeared as a special guest and reveals, “It has been about 42 days since my son was born.”

MC Super Junior’s Kyuhyun then mentions that Dongho and his wife married back in November while their son was born in May, meaning that she was three months pregnant when they got married. He then asks, “Back then, you said that there was no premarital pregnancy. What exactly happened?”

Dongho then responds, “This could sound like an excuse, but we were already preparing to have a wedding. However, during the preparation, we found out that she was already carrying a child. My wife wanted to marry when she was at her prettiest. In the end, we set up a date and got married.”

He also explains, “I told people around me that they were right. I was so worried that the attention on my non-celebrity wife would become negative. I had no choice but to say that there was no premarital pregnancy.”

Meanwhile, the former U-KISS member has been reported to have signed with a management agency RaemongRaein and would be coming back to the entertainment industry.

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