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Former U-KISS member Dongho has finally confirm the reports regarding his upcoming marriage in November.

On a recent interview, Dongho reveals, “I want to get married soon since I have met the right person for me.”

He further reveals, “I have always wanted to get married sooner than later and I really love my bride.”

“My parents told me that it is not ideal to have reports about my marriage blazing through the media, so I would not be giving out too much details. I have been seeing my girlfriend for about a year and a half. It is true that we are both quite young. But, I wanted to marry early since I was young, and I have always brought it up. Surprisingly, she has been thinking the same way as well,” he adds.

“In our relationship, I mentioned that I want to get married if things work out between us. I have thought about getting married early. However, my parents advised against it. They want me to get to know my girlfriend for a little longer, and now I think that we are ready,” Dongho reveals.

He adds, “Some may think that we have not dated long enough, we have already gone through a lot together and have prepared for it one-by-one. I think that our love is pretty evident if we are determined to marry at such a young age.”

Meanwhile, Dongho’s upcoming marriage would be held on November 28 of this year.


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