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Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) also known as TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) is a mainstream South Korean male group with a sexy presence and powerful vocals that touch the heart. DBSK/TVXQ meaning “gods rising from the east”; debuted in 2003 as a five-member group gaining popularity in South Korea as well as in Japan and other Asian countries such as China and Malaysia. With musical flexibility, DBSK/TVXQ has performed in genres such as R&B, Pop, Dance, and A Cappella.

DBSK/TVXQ as a five-member group consisted of Jung Yun Ho (U-know YunHo), Kim Jae Joong (Hero JaeJoong), Kim Jun Su (Xiah JunSu), Shim Chang Min (Max ChangMin) and Park Yoo Chun (Micky YooChun) and were signed under SM Entertainment. As a five-member group, DBSK showcased popular songs such as “Purple Line” (Korean and Japanese versions), “Rising Sun”, “Love In The Ice”, “Doushite”, “Sky”, “Hug”, “Tonight”, “Wrong Number” and “Mirotic.” Their hit song “Mirotic” landed the five-member group in controversy in 2008 when the Korean Commission of Youth Protection alleged that the lyrics for “Mirotic” were not appropriate for persons less than 19 years of age because of their sexually stimulating and seductive nature. 

Cassiopeia, being the group’s official fan club and the largest fan club due to the number of members, landed DBSK/TVXQ into the Guinness World Record. In addition to their talented vocals, DBSK/TVXQ showcased their acting skills in the SBS series “Banjun Drama” and TV drama “Vacation”. During their career as a five member group, DBSK/TVXQ has celebrated three successful Asian tours and five successful Japan Nationwide tours.

Sorrowfully, 2010 became a bitter sweet year for the five-member group after a lawsuit was filed by Kim Jae Joong (Hero), Kim Jun Su (Xiah), and Park Yoo Chun (Micky); three of the five members stating that SM Entertainment held the three under a 13-year unfair contract. As a result of the lawsuit, activities for DBSK/TVXQ were suspended in Japan and ultimately resulted in the “disbandment” of the five-member group. In May of 2010 JYJ was formed by the three members Hero, Micky, and Xiah; who in October of 2010 made their world-wide debut with their English language CD “The Beginning”. Meanwhile, Jung Yun Ho (U-Know) and Shim Chang Min (Max) actively performing under the name TVXQ, has recently released a new CD entitled “Keep Your Head Down” for 2011. Whether together or apart, the current and former members of TVXQ are very talented young men who will continue to rise from the east.