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Director Hong Sang Soo’s wife speaks up following husband’s affair with actress Kim Min Hee.

Previously, Kim Min Hee was reported to have an affair with Director Hong Sang Soo.

According to a report by Korean media outlet TV Report, the pair met while they were working for the film “Right Now, Wrong Then.” Director Hong Sang Soo has been known to be married since 1985. He also has a daughter who is currently a university student.

The report also reveals that Hong Sang Soo informed his wife and daughter about his affair last September and that Kim Min Hee’s parents are also aware of the situation. It has also been said that when Kim Min Hee’s agency became aware of the affair, they decided not to renew her contract. This is allegedly the reason why the actress is currently working without an agency and only with a personal manager.

On an interview with media outlet Dispatch, the director’s wife revealed, “We have lived for 30 years. We became a married couple that everyone had envied. He was a family man and was caring… I respected Hong Sang Soo as a director and loved him as a husband.”

His wife also revealed that Hong Sang Soo told her, “I want to live with somebody else. You date other men as well.” She also shares that she was devastated when director Hong Sang Soo moved out of their home.


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