Home » Dal Shabet’s Woohee reported to bee hospitaalized because of a lung problem

531cc664be75670c2cc5f0fc4c9489a8-743x450Dal Shabet’s Woohee has been hospitalized last October 8 due to a problem in her lungs.

Happy Face Entertainment, Dal Shabet Woohee’s agency released a  statement on October 10 that Woohee has been experiencing the symptoms of a collapsed lung for the past 2 days.  She is now monitored in the hospital and there is no decision yet if she will undergo surgery.

The statement from the agency:

“Woohee was hospitalized on the 8th due to a collapsed lung. We’re monitoring her condition following a few days of hospital treatment,” adding, “It hasn’t been decided whether she’ll be receiving surgery. She’s doing her best to take care of her body.” (translated by allkpop)


Dal Shabet’s Woohee just celebrated her second anniversary to the group last June and she is the last addition to the group.

We hope for a fast recovery for Woohee and that she will no longer undergo surgery. Fighting!