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Dal Shabet member Subin talks about her life as an idol and her secret to maintaining her body.

On recent photo shoot and interview with International bnt, Subin talks about her second solo release, “There are songs that I wanted to share not as Dal Shabet but as Subin. I am also working hard on the upcoming Dal Shabet album. Like our group name, we are planning to make a comeback with a refreshing music.”

When asked about the struggles of an idol life, Subin replies, “There are times when I hear remarks saying, ‘When are you guys going to be successful?’ However, I just encourage myself and the members that we are doing fine at the moment. There are a lot of idol groups, and the fact that we are still active and have not yet disappeared is something to be proud of. As long as we keep on doing what we have been doing and don’t get tired, I believe that we can create our own way.”

With regards to maintaining her body, Subin reveals, “To be honest, I really don’t enjoy exercise. I gain weight as much as I eat, but I vary my eating habits and move around a lot.”

She also reveals her ideal type by saying, “The height, face and body don’t really matter to me. I like someone who has a lot of charisma.”

Lastly, the idol shares, “When I reflect on myself, I think that I am very ignorant. I am still young, and I feel that there is much for me to learn. As Dal Shabet’s Subin, I want to be an asset to the team by doing my part diligently. As Subin, I want to be a person who continues to grow.”

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