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Dal Shabet member Serri talks about her former group mates Jiyul and Gaeun who have withdrawn from the group.

On the showcase for Dal Shabet’s latest mini-album “Naturalness,” Serri reveals her thoughts on the members who have decided to leave the group to pursue their own careers.

Serri reveals, “To be honest, it would be a lie to say that we do not feel that there are vacant spots or that it does not feel empty. They are friends which we have worked with for five years, so we have shares stories for a long time. Jiyul and Gaeun have their own dreams, and we have decided to encourage and support their dreams.”

She adds, “We are as close as ever even now, to the point that the six of us had a year-end party not too long ago. We would continue to work hard so that you do not feel the vacant spots since we would be having our comeback as a four-member group.”

Previously, members Jiyul and Gaeun have been revealed to have officially left the group as well as their management agency Happy Face Entertainment following their contract expiration. The two members were also one of the original members of Dal Shabet since their debut back in 2011.

Gaeun is said to be pursuing her passion for fashion while Jiyul would be focusing on her acting career.

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