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Viewers of the Mnet survival show “Produce 101” have responded negatively to the news of Cube Entertainment adding Kwon Eun Bin as the seventh member of girl group CLC.

Recently, Cube Entertainment has revealed that they would be adding two new members to the lineup of CLC, making them a seven-member girl group. Kwon Eun Bin, who is a participant of “Produce 101”, was announced as the final member of the group. However, viewers of the show have responded to the news negatively.

Moreover, in the previous episode of “Produce 101”, Kwon Eun Bin was nearly eliminated. Viewers of the show then questioned Cube Entertainment as to why they added the participant to CLC.

With regards to the issue, Cube Entertainment reveals, “Kwon Eun Bin was already recruited as the new member of CLC since the end of last year. However, the album was delayed, so she returned to being a trainee. The album photos and music videos were all taken and recorded already but it was not released.”

They also explain, “After much discussion with the production crew of ‘Produce 101,’ we announced her debut and decided that she would not do any broadcast activities besides the show.”

“She would not step down from the show, however, we do not know whether she would be eliminated or sty until the end. She plans to do her best for the rest of the show,” Cube Entertainment reveals.

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