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Cube Entertainment speaks out regarding rumors of Jang Hyunseung leaving BEAST following missing a scheduled fan meeting with the group.

On September 15, Cube Entertainment denies rumors that Hyunseung as withdrawing from the group after fans spot him in a coffee shop in Cheongdamdong, Seoul with a woman while missing BEAST’s scheduled fan meeting.

Previously, the Seoul Grand Fan Meeting was organized for BEAST’s Japanese fans and was attended by all the members except for Hyunseung.

The departure rumors came after the photo of Hyunseung meeting the woman in the coffee shop had circulated online the same time when he was supposed to be attending the fan meeting along with the other members of BEAST.

Hyunseung date

To this, Cube Entertainment then clarifies that Hyunseung was excused from the fan meeting due to personal reasons. The organizers of the event as well as the fans were also informed beforehand of Hyunseung absence.

While some fans have criticized the idol for missing a group event for an alleged date, some fans have also defended the idol and asked that fans would respect his privacy.

The management agency also revealed that Hyunseung has apologized for his absence and have made a video message to the fans present at the event. Cube Entertainment also states that the coincidence of his absence was misunderstood by some fans, which then led to the rumors of withdrawing from the group.

Cube Entertainment also denied the speculations that Hyunseung would be moving to another management agency.


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