Home » Cube drops first two member profiles for CLC’s Sorn and Jang Ye Eun

Now that Cube’s upcoming girl group CLC (Crystal Clear) have released a teaser image, it’s time to start the member introductions!

CLC will officially debut on March 19.

So far, Cube has released member profiles of Thai member Sorn and Jang YeEun,


Name: Sorn (birth name: Chonnasorn Sajakul)

Position: Sub-Vocal

Birthday: November 18, 1996

School: Korea Kent Foreign School, 11th grade

Height: 164 cm (~5 foot 4.5 inches)

Weight: 48 kg (~106 pounds)

Blood Type: A


Name: Jang YeEun

Position: Rap

Birthday: August 10, 1998

School: Seoul Performance Arts High School, Grade 11 (2nd year)

Height: 166 cm (~5 foot 5 inches)

Weight: 49 kg (~108 pounds)

Blood Type: B

Stay tuned for the rest of the member profiles!