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Hip hop artist Crush has recently revealed that he is a big fan of comedian Shin Dong Yup.

On the recent broadcast of “Hello,” Crush had revealed that he was a fan of Shin Dong Yup ever since he was a kid. During the broadcast, he was seen sitting close to Shin Dong Yup but appears to have a sour expression.

Crush 2

MC Jung Chan Woo noticed Crush and asked, “Did something happen to you when you came here today?”

He responded, “I am a fan of Shin Dong Yup so I said ‘Hi!’ to him earlier, however, he just passed by and said ‘Yeah.’”

Shin Dong Yup then defended himself by saying, “I felt hurt too. I was going to smile to him after I said ‘Yeah,’ however, he just turned his back on me.” Making the whole set to burst into laughter after their misunderstanding.

Lee Young Ja then asked Crush as to why he is a big fan of Shin Dong Yup, to which he revealed, “When I was still nine, I saw him at the wedding ceremony of my father’s friend. He saw me and stroked my face and that was when I became a big fan of him.”

Shin Dong Yup then went and stroked Crush’s face making him blush and remember his first encounter with him.

Meanwhile, Crush is an artist under Amoeba Culture and is known for his songs, “Sometimes,” “Hug Me,” “SOFA,” “Whatever You Do” and “Oasis.”


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