Home » Cosmic Girls reveal their thoughts on their debut and future plans

On a recent interview with media outlet DongA, the members of Cosmic Girls talks about their debut and future plans.

They reveal, “We have waited such a long time for us to debut, and it seems surreal. We are having fun, though we are concerned in some areas, we will show everyone that we are improving. Since there are 12 members in the team, we are always energetic and lively. That is why we are not bored even when the wait is long.”

They add, “Since we have a lot of members, we think that it is an advantage that we can do lots of unit groups. We would be able to take more concepts and receive love from all over Asia since we have Chinese members. We think that we will be able to spread Cosmic Girls in China.”

Cosmic Girls then explains where their group name comes from by saying, “Our name comes from the fact that cosmos surpasses both time and space. We want to be the best girl group. They say that cosmos has no center and would be set in the middle no matter which side you look. All the 12 members of our group want to become a center.”

Regarding their future plans, the group reveals, “Our biggest goal is the same with any other rookie groups, we want to receive the rookie award.”

Meanwhile, Cosmic Girls is a rookie girl group under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. They made their debut with “Mo Mo Mo” and “Catch Me.”

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