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Cosmic Girls members talk about the addition of IOI member Yoo Yeon Jung into their group.

On the recent broadcast of “Park Kyung Rim’s 2 O’clock Date,” Cosmic Girls members Exy, Euseo, Soobin and Dawon appeared as special guests on the radio show.

DJ Park Kyung then asks them, “When IOI member Yoo Yeon Jung was reported to be joining the group, she was on real-time searches for the whole day. Did you know about this?”

The members then reply, “We were expecting it to a degree. When we were at the company, they announced the decision to add her to the group.”

When asked about their reactions, Cosmic Girls respond by saying, “We were happy since we have been cheering each other on, and we have been close since our trainee days. Yoo Yeon Jung is such a bright ball of energy, and it was really great to have her join the group.”

Eunseo, who is now sharing her room with new member Yoo Yeon Jung, reveals, “I am sensitive about my room being messy. I went head to head with her.”

She then clarifies, “By going head to head, I mean that we had a celebratory party. We had a fun time and ate peaches.”

Previously, Starship Entertainment confirmed that IOI’s Yoo Yeon Jung would be joining Cosmic Girls starting in August.

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