Home » Comedian Park Myung Soo thinks that doing a duet with him leads to bad luck


Recently, Korean comedian Park Myung Soo has commented that some artists who records a duet with him have bad luck.

On the recent broadcast of the comedian’s radio show, “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, he talked about girl group KARA’s hit song ‘Mister’ with music critic Lee Dae Hwa while talking about “Hidden Track of an Album.

Park Myung Soo then commented, “The Kara members were really young back then, now they have grown and become mature. They have just become 20 then. Han Seungyeon really looked like a kid back then, so I don’t even dare do a joke to her. I once did a song ‘Go Rae’ with Nicole, too.”


“But, most artists who did a duet with me… Jessica (Girl’s Generation) and Nicole (KARA) left their group, even Primary…”

He also continued, “This is not something to conceal. Maybe recording a duet with me would lead to some sort of bad luck. Maybe I should only do solos from now on, or perhaps feature some foreign artists. I kind of feel bad for them.”


Last year, Jessica of Girl’s Generation have been removed from the group due to conflicts with her new business line ‘BLANC & ECLARE’. Nicole of KARA has not re-signed with DSP Media and has left the girl group after her contract expiration.


Meanwhile, Primary (P’Skool) was accused of plagiarism and went on a hiatus just after doing a collaboration with the comedian Park Myung Soo.

What do you think of Park Myung Soo remarks?