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Co-Ed School is a South Korean dance and pop group that was formed under the management company of Core Contents Media in 2010, they consists of a total of 11 members with 6 males and 5 females. The members are namely, Soomi, Kwangheng, Yoosung, Taewoon, Kangho, Chanmi, Noori, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Eunkyo, and Sungmin respectively. They had debuted in the late September of the year 2010 with their single, “Too Late”

Just after the three weeks since their debut, the group had followed up their single “Too late” with a second one entitled, “Bbiribbom Bberibbom. The music video for the song was recorded on the 11th of October, 2010 that features T-Ara member Eunjung. The full music video alongside with another music video for “Nae Simjangeul Ttwige Haneun Mar (“I Love You A Thousand Times“)” was both released on October 18. The main single was released the next day, 19th of October as the performed “Bbiribbom Bberibbom” for the veru first time on M! Countdown. Their song, “Bbiribbom Bberibbom” has so far ranked as the 61st on the Gaon Chart.

The group’s first debut mini album called, Something This is Cheerful and Fresh was released on the 28th of October, 1010. The mini album features their three previously released songs and some various remixes. Even though they had only released a limited copies of 20,000, their management Core Contents Media had announced that the said album had take an almost 50, 000 pre-orders.

Consisted of their four original female members, there is one additional member has been added to their unit. The new member is named as Seo Eunkyo, she is a middle school student. Core Contents Media had revealed on the 28th of December that in order to show a wider variety of images and impressions to their fans, Co-Ed School has formed a girl group sub unit called as the 5dolls. The said unit was composed of the five female dolls that are present in the group. The newest member is also the same age as One Star Hyewon and has been under some training and rehearsals with the other female members.

On the 7th of February, 2011, sub-unit 5dolls had released their own debut music video teaser in the public. The title track of the single is “Ipsul Jaguk (Lip Stains)” that was produced by Brave Brothers. The said music video was also directed by the popular commercial director behind the “Anymotion” series, Cha Eun Taek. In the music video, they had also featured artist Jay Park. On the 16th of February, the group had released the music video for their song, “Neo Mariya” (Your Words) alongside with their debut mini album called “Charming Five Dolls”. So far, the group has been receiving many comments regarding the 5dolls and are all expected that they will be successful in the future. We hope that the group will climbed on the top as for them to show their undoubtedly great talents, not only the Koran music scene but also around the world.