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Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk talks about his relationship with T-ARA leader Soyeon on recent interviews.

On a recent interview, Oh Jong Hyuk was asked about his girlfriend and Click-B’s comeback.

When he was asked if he is still dating Soyeon, he responds, “We are happily dating. Soyeon always supports me in everything I do.”

Oh Jong Hyuk was then asked about the possibility of marriage, to which he replies, “We have not yet thought about marriage. We are just dating without having any big problems.”

Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon dated since 2010 and their relationship has been revealed to the public in September 2013.

In another interview he reveals, “When the Click-B members get together, we tend to get anxious and worry over the public’s reaction. Whenever we feel that way, Soyeon would give us lots of advices from a perspective of a fan.”

When he was asked again regarding his future marriage plans. He replies that he thinks that he should show a good side of him to his parents before they get older, he then jokes, “But thankfully, my older brother is still not married yet, so I have time.”

Meanwhile, Click-B, a first generation K-Pop group has recently made their long-awaited comeback with their first album in 13 years which features all seven members of the group.


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