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Entertainment and media contents company CJ E&M has been revealed to have acquired Jay Park’s hip hop label AOMG.

Through a recent press release, CJ E&M announces that they have acquired the hip hop label.

Jay Park and Simon D are the co-CEOs of the hip hop label which also houses the hip hop artists such as, ELO, GRAY, LOCO, Ugly Duck, Cha Cha Malone, Hoody, DJ Pumpkin and DJ Wegun.

Ahn Seok Joon, CJ E&M’s music sector president, reveals, “AOMG would ultimately lead not only in hip hop music, but as well as in lifestyle and grow as the trendiest label in the music market. We would do everything in our power including hiring those who are knowledgeable of the music industry and to expand and develop the label by using diverse business opportunities.”

AOMG is said to continue to independently produce their own music and oversee the operations of the label, and would directly use the distribution, marketing and global channels provided by CJ E&M in order to bring their music to a more widespread and global audience.

Jay Park then reveals his thoughts regarding the matter through his SNS, he writes, “Nothing change’s, only bigger and better things. still gonna be doin’ shit ‘OUR’ way,”

The label’s name AOMG, stands for ‘Above Ordinary Music Group.’ It was started by Jay Park in 2013 and had initially signed Jun Goon, GRAY and Cha Cha Malone. Simon D then joined the label as the co-CEO following his departure from his former group Supreme Team and management agency Amoeba Culture.


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