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APink’s Chorong files additional lawsuits against malicious commenters.

Previously, A Pink’s management agency, Plan A reveals that they would be taking legal action against the netizens who have been making malicious comments against their artists as well as their family and friends.

Following their announcement, the agency makes their next step by revealing:

“As we have announced back in November, we are taking legal action against the people who are spreading false rumors and making defamatory comments.

We have endured the rumors and sexual harassment comments against our artists long enough. We are in the process of collecting more evidence. A lot of damages and emotional injuries could not be known. It is impossible to compare this to the injured parties’ feelings.

In addition to the reports that were have already filed, we are planning to add more offenders to our list. Since this involves the artists and their family and friends, we will not be forgiving. We are planning to have a strong legal confrontation without leniency.”

Meanwhile, just recently, Chorong writes on her Instagram account saying, “Please come to me and curse. Please do not attack my family who has done nothing wrong. Please do me this favor. I can handle what you want to say to me and would like to reflect on it. However, my family could not handle the curses. You do not seem to know how much your words could hurt a person. It is really hard to bear if you post things like this.”


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