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Chinese entertainment expert, President Wang, gave his thoughts on the possible issues regarding former EXO members Kris and Luhan’s departure from the group.

On May 20th, the ‘2015 World Knowledge Forum’ was held in Chengdu, China. President Wang gave insights to what may have caused the departure of Kris and Luhan.


He stated, “The music industry in Korean entertainment is the core, even Chinese entertainers train in Korea in order to become singers. Whenever Chinese celebrities are done with training in Korea, they try to pursue the acting industry. Whenever Korean entertainments don’t provide this kind of chance to artists, they become worried for their future.”

On the issue about income, President Wang pointed out, “The income of Korean celebrities is lesser compared to Chinese celebrities – at least 20-30 of them make 100 million yuan a year. So if an artist have to choose which market he should work in, the answer is obvious.”

“In the past, Chinese artists used to depend on their agencies, but now, celebrities have set up private workshops after they have gained fame. Since the internet is a more affordable marketing channel. This results to the relationship of the artist and their agency to weaken. In Korean entertainment on the other hand, they try to control their artists,” he continues.

President Wang also suggested that in order to avoid Chinese members from leaving, the Korean entertainment should be able to open up and expose their artists to China or manage their artists with the help of a Chinese company.

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