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The webtoon “Cheese in the Trap” which was previously adapted as a drama is now in talks to be made into a film with actor Park Hae Jin most likely to reappear as the male lead.

Park Hae Jin has been reported to be in talks of reprising his role as Yoo Jung in the drama for the film version which would be directed by Lee Dong Ho.

The drama previously became controversial after the drama started to be different from the original webtoon and with the original author revealing her conflict with the drama’s production crew with regards to the ending for the drama. Moreover, Park Hae Jin has previously expressed his regrets that his recorded parts for the drama were cut off.

With regards to the news of the film offer, his management label reveals, “It is true that we got an offer for Park Hae Jin to appear in the film. However, he have not yet made any decisions. We got an offer from the CEO of the producers of ‘Cheese in the Trap,’ however, he asked him to come back to us after they are done talking with the original author of the webtoon Soonkki with regards to the script. If the original author would participate in the script, we will think about appearing in the film.”

Meanwhile, fans of the drama and the webtoon are looking forward for the upcoming film version of “Cheese in the Trap.”


Stay tuned for more updates on the film version!