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EXO member Chanyeol requests ‘sasaeng’ fans to have self-control.

The EXO member decides to send a message to overly obsessed fans to have some self-control and to handle their own selves with maturity and in order to prevent further danger.

On November 3, Chanyeol posts on his Weibo account, “The reason that I am writing this is because I have experienced something really dangerous in Shanghai.”

The EXO member also revealed that he decided to post his thoughts on SNS after carefully thinking about it.

Chanyeol further reveals, “On my way from the airport, there were around 20 cars which persistently followed me in Shanghai. The cars blocked the road and made a lot of dangerous lane changes to block our van. We almost got into several accidents.”

He adds, “There were so many stopped cars along our way and the fans kept coming into our lane. Personally, I like China. During my schedule in Shanghai, I meet a lot of people and I was really happy. However, causing such danger on a superhighway is wrong.”

Finally, Chanyeol writes, “I hope that the fans would cheer for us without interfering with other people and guaranteeing your own safety.”

Meanwhile, EXO is known to be popular not only in Korea but as well as overseas most especially in the other parts of Asia, such as China and Japan. Moreover, they have been known to be struggling with ‘sasaeng’ fans even in the past.


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