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FIESTAR member Cao Lu reveals that she refuses to starve just to lose weight.

On the recent broadcast of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” FIESTAR members Cao Lu and Yezi appeared as special guests where they talked about dieting and favorite dishes.

With regards to her dieting methods, Cao Lu explains, “I want to live for a long time which is why I would never starve myself. Being healthy is the best.”

With regards to the food she likes, Cao Lu reveals, “I like Asian food such as Korean, Chinese, Thai and Japanese food. I like to eat food with lots of roasted vegetables.”

She reveals that she goes out to the convenience store to eat midnight snacks secretly and without her agency’s knowledge. When asked about what she buys, the FIESTAR member reveals pork trotters and boiled meat.

Yezi then reveals, “She gets caught right away. Whenever we tell her that she smells like pork trotters, she insists that she does not.”

Meanwhile, inside FIESTAR’s refrigerator, Cao Lu’s homemade Chinese-style pork trotters was found.

Cao Lu then reveals, “I set that up. I wanted to show this one off. Yesterday, when I finished my schedule. I made those until 3 am.”

TWICE’s Jungyeon, who was also a guest on the show, reveals, “It seems that something like that could be sold.”

Cao Lu then reveals, “I am even thinking of opening up a store. I have already decided on a name.”


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