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BTS member Namjoon also known as Rap Monster receives another death threat from a twitter user.

Previously, BTS has cancelled their hi-touch event and their concert in New York was shortened during their “The Red BulletUnited States tour after death threats towards Rap Monster have surfaced on Twitter.

Similar to the previous death, a Twitter user has posted a tweet along with a picture of pistol.

The Twitter user @OhHiThereJoe posts, “HAHAHA PEOPLE THINK I’M TROLLING FOR ATTENTION, I AIN’T TROLLING I’M AS SERIOUS AS CAN BE, BYE BYE RM #TRBinMexico”, along with a photo of a pistol as well as a magazine which is seen to be loaded with ammunition.

rap monster threat

Following the new death threat on Rap Monster, netizens have then speculated regarding the reason why such threats were made towards the BTS member. Some have also speculated that it was because of Rap Monster’s alleged colorist statement towards his fellow BTS members.

In a previous interview for the group when they were in Australia, Rap Monster reveals his first impression of members V and J-Hope, “I could not see them since they were too black. So yeah… when the nights get dark, I could not find them.”

BTS is scheduled to perform in Mexico as one of their stops in their concert “The Red Bullet”. The said concert is supposed to take place on July 29, however, with the new death threat towards member Rap Monster, no one knows what would happen next.

BTS as well as their agency Big Hit Entertainment has not yet released a statement in regards to the issue of a new death threat towards BTS member Rap Monster.