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BTSRap Monster accused of plagiarism on his lyrics.

On December 1, a twitter user under the ID @wevebeenhere has posted a series of tweets pointing out that Rap Monster’s lyrics are plagiarized.

The Twitter user reveals, “The kind of people that I hate the most are those that take words from other people’s lives, take and use them like it is nothing. What do you gain from that? When this happens to that people that I care about, it makes me angry, and I have no intention of giving my words away like that. Do I need to protect my tweets?”

@wevebeenhere points out that a line from Rap Monster’s lyrics on Primary’s “U”, “I’ll become your underline. Because you are important,” is something that he had tweeted in 2014.

Rap Monster twitter 1

He expresses his disappointed saying that since it was something that he had saved and that he plans to use it in an album title for the band which he belongs to. He comments, “A rapper that makes raps, your self-respect is really something.”

The Twitter user also reveals, “I can’t believe this. Rap Monster wrote it. He did it before with [@radiordinary]. It is not just once or twice.”

He explains that in @radiordinary’s case, the line “If you lie with loneliness, the bed gets wider,” was tweeted by @radiordinary from October 2014 and that Rap Monster has also used it on the lyrics for his rap.

Rap Monster twitter 2

He further reveals that he is gathering more files from his acquaintances and saving screenshots for a potential legal action. @wevebeenhere also apologizes to Rap Monster for using harsh words and says, “Rap Monster, let us talk when MAMA is over.”

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