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BTS revealed to have canceled two of their scheduled Japanese concerts due to health issues of members Suga and V.

According to their management agency Big Hit Entertainment, BTS members Suga and V were unable to complete the rehearsals for their concert due to dizziness and were immediately taken to a hospital for checkup. Their doctors then revealed that while their CT scans results showed no big concerns, physical activity on stage might make them feel dizzy once again and have recommended to have both members under further supervision.

BTS suga and v

The agency further reveals that Suga and V have expressed their desire to go on stage to be able to meet their fans, however because of their diagnosis, it was decided that they should just focus on their recovery for the mean time.

Due to having two members not present for the concert, the agency made the decision to cancel both of BTS’ Kobe concerts which is scheduled for December 27 and 28. The BTS members will then return to Korea instead while members Suga and V would be then be going through a detailed medical examination.

Fans would be able to have their tickets fully refunded. Big Hit Entertainment also expressed their deepest apologies to BTS fans and have asked for their understanding.

Meanwhile, the fans have expressed their sadness for the condition of the two BTS members and wished for them to have fast recovery but has also praised Big Hit Entertainment for not forcing them to work and giving them rest.