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Hip hop boy group Bangtan Boys also known as BTS has been accused of ‘sajaegi’ after outselling BIGBANG in terms of physical album sales.

Sajegi refers to a company buying albums in bulk to increase the physical album sales of a certain group or artist.

As seen in the Hanteo Chart, the new album “In the Mood for Love Part 1” of BTS has reached the top spot for the physical albums sales, outselling BIGBANG’s “Made Series – M” album.


The netizens were filled with wonder on how BTS could have outsell a senior group like BIGBANG when they are an idol group under a small company. The netizens have accused BTS of doing ‘sajaegi’ after reaching the top spot in the album sales.

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Big Hit Entertainment, which is the agency of BTS has released a statement denying the rumors and accusations of netizens saying, “Big Hit Entertainment do not have enough resources to be able to do such a thing.”

BTS had begun their music show performances last April 29 after they released their album with the title track “I Need U” which swept the real-time charts after it was released.

BIGBANG on the other hand, have started their promotions on May 3 on Inkigayo, shortly after BTS. The title track “Loser” has also achieved a perfect all-kill on the charts after it was released last May 1.

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