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Earlier on October 13, there has been rumors and reports ongoing that MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon  will withdraw from the group to focus on his acting as his contract is nearing it’s end. It was also reported by Star News that Lee Joon will not resign from the agency but will be withdrawing from being an idol and will focus on his acting career. And although his contract ended, Lee Joon will participate in MBLAQ’s upcoming concert, “MBLAQ Curtain Call,” taking place November 29 and 30. After these reports, news followed that MBLAQ’s Thunder is also withdrawing from the group. With these issues, MBLAQ’s agency J.Tune Camp released official statement :

“Hello. This is J.Tune Camp.

We are giving our official statement on the news of Lee Joon leaving the group and MBLAQ’s break-up reported today.

It is true that Lee Joon’s exclusive contract is coming to an end, but Lee Joon’s departure from the group has not been decided yet and discussions are still going on.

As such, Lee Joon is expected to participate in all MBLAQ activities, including the November MBLAQ concerts.

Lee Joon is discussing fully with the agency his thoughts on his future plans, goals, and career. We plan to decide together in consideration of Lee Joon’s opinion and other MBLAQ members’ positions. The agency will do its best for MBLAQ.

Henceforth, J.Tune Camp will announce through official statements any future decisions that will be made.

We ask for continue love and support for MBLAQ.” (translated by soompi)

As for Thunder’s case which was also reported by Newsen and other media outlets before the official statement was released :

“Lee Joon, as well as Thunder, are in discussions regarding departure from group.”

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What are your thoughts? Will they stay or go in their own ways? Are we going to witness a disbandment this year? Hoping that the agency and the artist will benefit in their talks and will stay together and proceed with MBLAQ once more.