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Girl group Brave Girls has been revealed to be making their comeback with the addition of new members.

It has also been revealed that their comeback song is titled, “Changed.” Following their last release in 2013 with the track “For You,” the group would be making their comeback after almost three years as a seven member girl group.

New members Hayoon, Yuna, Minyoung, Eunji and Yoojung would be joining original members Yoojin and Hyeran for their upcoming comeback. The group previously made their first appearance as a seven member group on the SBS idol survival show “The Boss Is Watching.”

A representative from Brave Girls’ management agency Brave Entertainment reveals, “It took a long time for this comeback since we wanted to be fully prepared in order to show the fans the best image. Please look forward to the rebirth of Brave Girls who have become much more glamorous with their stronger skills and looks.”

The group made their debut in 2011 with the song “Do You Know” and is also known for their songs, “Nowadays, You”, and “Easily.”

Meanwhile, Brave Girls’ upcoming comeback song “Changed” is produced by Brave Brothers in collaboration with Maboos and JS. Their comeback song is said to be a retro-dance pop music which would be released on February 16 and would Brave Girls would have a showcase at 3pm at the same day.

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