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The members of girl group Brave Girls reveal their thoughts about their long hiatus on their recent photo shoot and interview with International bnt.

With regards to their ‘muscle queen’ concept for their latest comeback, the group shares, “We were only eating salads in place of carbohydrates. We secretly ate sandwiches, but we were caught by Brave Brothers. That scene was aired through MBC’s ‘I Live Alone,’ so people are calling us the kids who got caught eating sandwiches. It is really sad.”

Eunji then adds, “When I could not eat or date whenever I want, I get jealous of ordinary people who have ordinary jobs.”

When asked about their memorable moments while promoting “Deepened,” the group reveals, “We were sensitive about maintaining our bodies since we had to wear leggings. Before starting our performance, we would exercise behind the stage and carried around blankets in order to hide our embarrassing outfits.”

With regards to their 3-year hiatus, Hyeran shares, “Before the members left, I had an injury after being in KBS’ ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team.’ My ligament got broken so I could not even go to the bathroom by myself. Our practice was delayed for three months. I was unable to prepare properly for the last promotions with the original members because of my injury. I felt guilty. However, I was then able to straighten out my feelings through ‘For You.’ The promotions were temporarily delayed when I was 20. I was able to enjoy what I have dreamed of since my school days after becoming an adult, like drinking beer at the Han River.”

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