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Korean stewardesses refused and denied to cooperate to an investigation against Bobby Kim‘s alleged sexual harassment that make the case didn’t go any further.

The stewardesses were being investigated in the USA, and they refused to be investigated again in Korea due to their long flight that made them feel so tired. The police was supposed to confirm  the stories on the 10th of January, but they denied.

The police told, “We were planning to meet the stewardesses not to invesitgate them as the victims but to confirm the situation, but we could not because of the situation. There is nothing planned.

Moreover, here comes  a third party as witness who happened to be on the same flight . This guest who became a witness  was sitting  right in front of Bobby Kim, and shared  his experience on his Facebook  account after his flight and complained directly to Korean Air before hearing the news that it was  Bobby Kim. He was then contacted by Ilagan Sports because of his post in the Facebook to further clarify what took place,

Q: We heard the flight was delayed because of Bobby Kim.
A: It was delayed 15-20 minutes. Now that I see it, it was probably because of the seat upgrade problem. The in-flight announcements said that takeoff was being delayed because of one passenger.

Q: Did he order wine as soon as he was seated?
A: No. There was another woman who had seating problems, not just Bobby Kim. But she was moved from the economy seat to the business seat. Bobby Kim saw that and complained more, but his seat didn’t change.

Q: How much alcohol did he drink?
A: He ordered wine after we took off. He drank a few glasses of the house wine.

Q: We heard he was fairly drunk.
A: The weird thing was that it seemed that they should stop giving him drinks, but they just kept giving it to him. Everyone could tell he was drunk, but Korean Air just kept giving him more.

Q: Maybe it was that Bobby Kim demanded it loudly?
A: No. I was sitting right in front of him so I heard basically everything, but he wasn’t rude. Actually, he requested wine quite politely. If he demanded wine loudly, everyone would have heard.

Q: Did he fight with other passengers?
A: He kicked my seat a few times. But it didn’t seem like it was on purpose, just like he kicked it while he was moving, but it was pretty annoying. But I knew he was drunk, so I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to create a scene, so I just dealt with it. I didn’t even look at him in the eyes.

Q: What was the situation afterward?
A: He yelled a few times and even cursed. I heard it clearly. It soudned like he was drunk.

Q: What kind of curses?
A: He cursed in English. It was obvious it was not kind words. He definitely wronged there.

Q: When was he seated away from the other passengers?

A: At the least, I complained 4 times. Until the 3rd time, a female stewardess came. Generally, doesn’t it not make sense that a stewardess tries to control a drunk male passenger? I complained the 4th time and it was only then a male steward came. It was a late response that I couldn’t understand.

Q: We heard he said sexually harassing statements.
A: He asked a female stewardess how long she was staying in San Francisco, asked her for her number and if she had a boyfriend.

Q: When did he come back to his seat?
A: He came back about an hour before landing. It didn’t look like he was completely sober then, either. He was getting his luggage and accidentally dropped it on someone else. The other person wasn’t hurt, and he didn’t do it on purpose. It looked like he did it because he was still drunk.

Q: We heard he was investigated by the police right away.
A: The airline sent Bobby Kim all the way to the front. The stewardess told me that he would be investigated by the police.

Q: You complained to the airline on their home page?
A: I didn’t know it was Bobby Kim. I complained because Korean Air didn’t do anything well, either.