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Block B member Park Kyung reveals that he is confident about joining tvN’s variety show “Problematic Men”.

The Block B member has recently started to appear on the show this week and he reveals that he considers himself to be a perfect addition to the show.

On the recent broadcast of the show, Park Kyung describes his brain as ‘truly sexy’. He reveals, “My educational background may not be outstanding, however, my creativity makes me a brainy and sexy guy.”


Park Kyung’s co-Block B members Zico and U-Kwon also express their confidence on Park Kyung’s intelligence and said, “I think that he is really bright. I could really say that his brain is sexy,” and “Since Kyung has lived abroad, he is our representative English speaker when we go overseas. We would not be able to survive in foreign countries without Kyung.”

B-Bomb also adds, “There was once when we had to solve math problems on a reality show, and he was the first one to solve them. He is truly gifted.”

Meanwhile, Rap Monster has been busy with BTS’ world tour, thus he is unable to film for the variety program. However, the producers of the show have clarified that Park Kyung would be joining the show as a fixed member and would not be replacing Rap Monster, he is expected to return to the show after BTS’ world tour.


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