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Block B member Jaehyo shared his honest thoughts about receiving gifts from fans.

Following Block B’s recent fan sign event, Jaehyo wrote a series of posts on his Twitter account. He shared, “I have realized something during the BASTARZ fan sign event.”

“While I was taking photos with fans. It hurts me to see that a lot of our fans still use old phones… You do not need to buy me birthday gifts and stuff, you should get your phones upgraded instead. It does not feel good to know that you still use old phones while you do so much for us,” he added.

The Block B member also explained as to why fans were able to receive sandwiches during the fan signing event.  Jaehyo revealed, “We gave out sandwiches since we have remembered how the fans of the other idols were showing off what they had received during the ‘Idol Star Athletics Competition.’ We were not able to prepare anything then since we had finished early. However, it still did not feel right. So, we prepared the sandwiches. It was not much, but we are thankful that you were happy and enjoyed it.”

Meanwhile, Block B’s sub-unit, BASTARZ has recently released their comeback track, “Selfish & Beautiful Girl” along with the follow-up track, “Make It Rain.”

Aside from his promotions with Block B, Jaehyo is also busy with his role in the musical, “In the Heights” along with fellow Block B member U-Kwon.

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