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BIGBANG fans have recently showed their disappointment at YG Entertainment for allegedly using the group in order to promote their label mate and rookie boy group iKON.

Recently, G-Dragon wrote a song for iKON and YG had advertised that it was his first time to work on a song outside of his own group. However, the netizens have called it a lie and provided evidence that G-Dragon had previously written a song “Party” for actress and singer Uhm Jung Hwa back in 2008.

BIGBANG gdragon - iKON

The fans have also claimed that YG is trying to force a connection with the two groups, pointing out how iKON became the opening act of each stop of BIGBANG’s Japan tour and that iKON albums were being sold at the venue of BIGBANG concerts. Moreover, the two groups are usually compared just like when iKON made their debut, the press made comments such as how ‘iKON is younger than BIGBANG and better at dancing.’

As a result, the fans have asked YG Entertainment to stop using BIGBANG in promoting their junior group iKON. The fans have also commented that both groups are doing fine on their own and claimed that it is causing harm to them when YG is trying to sell both of them together.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has yet to comment on the issue or if YG would even address the matter at all.

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