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Rapper BewhY’s girlfriend responds to malicious comments on her relationship with the rapper.

Recently, Bewhy’s non-celebrity girlfriend has been receiving a lot of hate from netizens. As a result, she took to her Facebook account to express her thoughts.

BewhY’s girlfriend explains, “It is too much for me to have hundreds of hate messages from people whom I do not even know… If you have something against me, please tell me directly.”

She also reveals, “It does not matter to me if my boyfriend succeeds or not. He is my guy, even if he does well or not. I will simply be more grateful. Our relationship is not as fragile as you think that we would be over if he would not do well.”

The girlfriend also goes to say that they have spent five years together with marriage in mind and that they have shared everything from their happiest to their hardest moments.

She also says, “If my boyfriend does well, of course, I would want to show off. However, so many people have given me grief about it, and I wondered if did something wrong. It is difficult. Please look on us kindly.”

BewhY then leaves a comment to his girlfriend’s post by saying, “Don’t pay any attention to it, my love.”

Meanwhile, rapper BewhY recently became one of the final six contestants for the Mnet rap battle show “Show Me the Money 5.”


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