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Show Me the Money 5” winner BewhY reveals which artists inspired him to pursue a career in music.

On the recent broadcast of the KBS music program, “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” BewhY appears as a special guest where he shares how he first got into music.

The rapper reveals, “Back when I was still in middle school, I first heard BIGBANG’s song, ‘Lies.’ It left a really big impression on me, and I liked it very much to the point that I went to the karaoke and sang along to the song with my friend.”

BewhY adds, “Because of that, I had a bit of interest in music when I was in middle school. Then, when I became a freshman in high school, our teacher had a certificate in giving out vocational aptitude tests. I learned that I had a lot of interest in the art field which is why the careers recommended to me were a producer, musician, designer and all the other jobs that require creativity.”

The rapper then adds that when he learned that a creative career would suit him, he started to listen to Dynamic Duo. He then explains, “These hyungs write their own lyrics. That drew me and it was when I started to write my own rap.”

When asked about his ultimate dream, he answers, “I would like to go to the Grammy Awards. I want to receive a Grammy and give out one as well.”

BewhY also adds, “Another dream of mine is to have an art school.”