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BEAST leader Junhyung apologizes to fans for not being able to attend a fan meeting in Japan. Previously, he had notified his fans beforehand that he would be able to attend the fan meeting since he was not feeling well and did not want to spread his illness to the other members.

On February 22, Junhyung took to his Instagram account and wrote, “I am resting and taking medication. My throat is still swollen, however, I am doing much better thanks to all of you. I apologize for not being able to attend yesterday’s event in case there are people who are upset about it.”

Junhyung was not able to attend the fan meeting event in Japan due to his health condition and had decided to return to Korea instead. However, he was criticized by some fans as he was seen joining the birthday party of Jung Joon Young when he should have been resting.

Junhyung then explains, “It is true that I did go to Joon Young’s birthday party. However, I was not feeling well, so I stopped by the party in the morning to give him a gift then I went home. I take responsibility if this had caused some misunderstanding. I will be more considerate in the future and would work hard in order to repay my fan’s love for me. Please stay healthy. Again, I apologize.”

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