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BEAST is a K-Pop sensation from South Korea. The group, comprised of all males, was originally known as B2ST, which stood for Boys To Search For Top. Their name was changed to BEAST which stands for Boys of the East Standing Tall.

The group consists of six members, all between ages 19 and 21:

  • Yoon Doo Joon
  • Jang Hyun Seung
  • Yong Jun Hyung
  • Yang Yo Seob
  • Lee Gi Kwang (also known as AJ)
  • Son Dong Woon

BEAST was founded in 2009 and debuted their first album on October 14th of that year. It was a mini-album entitled “BEAST is the B2ST”. They followed this up with their second mini-album in 2010, entitled “Shock of the New Era”. Mini-albums three, four, and five were also released in 2010, entitled “Mastermind”, “Lights Go On Again”, and “My Story”, respectively.

Some of the group’s most notable singles include “Shock”, “Easy”, “Clenching My Fist Tight”, “Bad Girl”, “Beautiful” and “Soom”, among others. They have performed at several music awards shows, and have received eight music awards, including the Rookie Music Award in December 2009 and the Bonsang Award(for “Soom” and “Shock”) at the 2011 20th Annual Seoul Music Awards.

BEAST was featured in their own reality TV show on MTV, called MTV B2ST, which had a total of ten episodes. MTV B2ST tracked the band’s journey on its way to the debut of its first album. Shortly before the release of “BEAST is the B2ST”, the band changed its name from B2ST to BEAST. The reality show had a second season in 2010, entitled MTV Beast Almighty, which only ran for shortly over a month. The group also appeared on a weekly variety show in Korea titled “Idol Maid”, with plans for being on Korean sitcoms.

They have also been involved in the fashion industry, being chosen as the models for the brand CLRIDE.N and participating in the December 2010 Patricia Field Collection fashion show in Seoul Chungnamdong MCM Haus.

There are plans for the release of further albums in 2011. In addition, BEAST is slated to appear on a remake album of Japanese singer-songwriter Fukuyama Masaharu.