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BEAST reveals their thoughts about their recent comeback and answers whether they still communicate with former member Hyunseung.

On a recent interview, BEAST talked about their comeback with the album “Highlight.”

Leader Doojoon reveals, “Since we have been active for a long time, we are not as popular as before. Also, since more people are aware of us and used to us, we will remain in the same in people’s perceptions about us, unless we would try something new.”

He also adds, “That is why I hope that when people would listen to our music, they would say, ‘their songs are still worth listening to’ and ‘even though they are older, they are still working hard.’”

When asked about how Doojoon knew that BEAST’s popularity had gone down, he replies, “I was able to know after checking comments and community sites. Since it is a very sensitive occupation, you could feel it very well, not only from those kinds of things.”

With regards to their former member Hyunseung, the BEAST leader goes to reveal, “We do not feel bitterness. However, we do not keep in touch with Hyunseung. We wish him the best. I hope that fans would be able to experience only happy events in the future.”

Meanwhile, BEAST has recently made their comeback with their third album “Highlight” with its lead single “Ribbon” and its pre-release track “Butterfly.” This comeback marks BEAST’s first comeback since Hyunseung’s departure from the group.

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