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It has been revealed that BEAST’s youngest member Dongwoon will be making his solo debut in Japan this July.

His agency, Cube Entertainment has announced on May 22 and have confirmed that Dongwoon has been busy preparing for his solo debut album ‘Kimishika’ which will be released on July 1. After his album release, he will then start his solo promotions in Japan.

Dongwoon will be the fourth member to promote as a solo artist, following his fellow BEAST members Yoseob, Junhyung, and Hyunseung.

In a BEAST fan meeting at Yokohama, Japan last May 20, he has also shared the news of his solo debut to the fans.

On May 21, Dongwoon also wrote in his Twitter account, “I would be releasing my first solo album on July 1 in Japan. I will do my best and work hard for this album so I could express my stories. I will also work harder so that I can share good music to the Korean fans as well.”

It has also been revealed that Dongwoon has took part in writing the lyrics for the tracks in his upcoming album as well the the title song ‘Kimishika’.

The producing team Good Life, in which fellow BEAST member Junhyung is a member has also composed the title track.

Previously, many fans have wondered as Dongwoon was spotted performing in the streets of Japan alone. Dongwoon had also sung Japanese songs, chatted with the fans and even took pictures with them.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dongwoon’s solo debut in Japan!