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BEAST members ask their fans to keep on supporting former member Hyunseung.

On BEAST’s recent interview with a Korean media outlet, the members sat down and talked about their new album and the change in their lineup.

Leader Doojoon reveals, “We knew that people would talk about Hyunseung’s departure. We accepted that as a fact. We decided to accept and give our 120 percent. We are aware that lots of people would have their eyes closely on us after what happened. However, we did not want to get too hung up on the people’s words.”

BEAST also reiterates that the reason why Hyunseung left the group was because of the difference in musical styles.

With regards to this, Doojoon says, “It was a little disappointing.”

He adds, “We were pretty scared to go on with five members. However, we do not want to fail our fans. We hope that they could understand the hard work that we are putting in. We also ask the fans to continue to support Hyunseung as well. We want people to acknowledge and cheer him on. Whether it is his solo album or on whatever activities which he plans to pursue in the future.”

With regards to their contract expiration, BEAST comments, “A lot of people feel that it is a big issue and that it is fast approaching. However, we have not been able to talk about it that much because of our promotions. We have talked about it among ourselves for a little. We plan to work for as long as we are together.”