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15& member Baek Yerin writes a heartfelt message through Instagram for her co-member Jimin Park who recently made her solo comeback with the track, “Try.”

Baek Yerin writes on her Instagram account, “From the start, I really felt sorry about the two of us promoting as a duo since I felt like she was giving up her ‘contest winner’ privilege. It also felt like I was awkwardly included and I did not like that.”

She adds, “Jimin already knows this, but since I have an introverted personality and could be a little rough at times, she would speak up more and put herself out there first. I have learned a lot from Jimin and became a much better person because of it. Even when the two of us are promoting together, I am sure that she always had dreams of creating her own music. However, she was always considerate of me, and I am really thankful for that.”

After reading Baek Yerin’s message, Jimin Park then responds by saying, “I know what you are feeling all too well. Thank you for being honest with me. Always know that I will support you as well as your music. Let us continue to make good music for a long, long time. Fighting! For you and me.”

Meanwhile, Jimin Park has recently made her solo comeback with the mini-album “From 19 to 20” and with its lead track “Try.” The duo made their debut back in 2012 with the track “I Dream.”


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