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Former Jewelry member Baby J reveals her struggles during the group’s disbandment.

On the premiere of “Show Me the Money 5,” the former Jewelry member talks about her hardships following Jewelry’s disbandment.

During the interview, Baby J reveals, “After debuting in Jewelry, our songs were popular, weren’t they? But then, the older members, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah left and the group got disbanded.” She also reveals that it has been two years since she was on camera.

Baby J

Baby J also adds, “After the disbandment, I had no income which is why I did part-time jobs in a pizza shop and in a clothes store. Whenever I see my friends who are being active in the entertainment industry, I would feel frustrated and start to cry. I cried alone at home for a lot of times. It also seemed to me like I was gradually getting lower.”

She also explains, “Since I had no agency and even if I were to personally contact them, they would not help me since it is not their business. For this, I would just have to do it alone.”

Baby J’s father, actor Ha Jae Young, also appeared on the program to give her his support. He reveals, “She was on the long break. She said that she was going to start again, so I was really worried. However, she said that she was going to do it, there is no parent who can win over the child, right?”


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