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AOA member Jimin reveals a past conflict with Lucky J’s Jessi during filming for Mnet’s hip hop battle show “Unpretty Rapstar” and gives her a video message.

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”, AOA’s Jimin, Monsta X’s Jooheon, Lee Kuk Ju and Hong Suk Chan appeared as special guests.

During the interview, the MCs of the show asked Jimin if she had any conflicts with her fellow “Unpretty Rapstar” contestants Jessi and Cheetah.

Jimin then responds, “At one point, yes. Not with Cheetah, but with Jessi.”

Jimin reveals, “During a team mission, Jessi’s team got the first place and my team got second place, however, Jessi was not able to accept it. She then said something in English, and I was able to understand a little bit of what she said. I got upset that this scene was being filmed. At the end, I left the set.”

Jimin jessi

MC Kim Gura then gives Jimin an advice, “Jessi is a free spirit, she does what she wants. The next time she says something in English, then, utter a reply in Chinese.”

Jimin then reveals that previous hard feelings between her and Jessi was already been dissolved. She also reveals, “Now, I ask Jessi how she is doing. Often, she calls me and tells me to stay humble.”

The MC panel then asks Jimin to send a video message to Jessi. Jimin looked hesitant at first but finally says her message to Jessi.

Watch the video below to find out Jimin’s message for Jessi!